NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem 5 Trees

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem 5 Trees


Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct option :
Question 1.
Trees are for birds.
Trees are for children.
Trees are to make tree houses in.
Trees are to swing swings on.
Trees are for the wind to blow through.
Trees are to hide behind in ‘Hide and Seek’.
(Page 83)
Word-Notes : Tree houses-small shelter built in a tree for children to play in, पेड़-घर। To swing-to oscillate, झूलना। Swings-seats suspended from above by means of loops or ropes, झूले। Hide-conceal, छिपना।

हिन्दी अनुवाद : वृक्ष हैं पक्षियों के लिए। वृक्ष हैं बच्चों के लिए। वृक्ष हैं पेड़-घर बनाने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं झूले डालने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं हवा को रास्ता देने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं लुका-छिपी में छिपने के लिए।

Paraphrase : Trees are a gift of God to both men and animals. They are useful as man can use them to make houses. Children can have their swings on the trees. Trees also give way to the blowing wind. They also help in hiding when ‘Hide and Seek’ is being played.

Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1.
Trees are useful for
(a) men and children
(b) animals and birds
(c) man (including all genders)
(d) the animal kingdom
(d) the animal kingdom

Question 2.
Tree-house means
(a) a house made of a tree
(b) a house covered with leaves
(c) green house
(d) a small shelter built in a tree
(d) a small shelter built in a tree

Question 3.
Children use them
(a) to complete their painting
(b) to have their swings on them
(c) to climb them
(d) to hide themselves
(b) to have their swings on them

Question 2.
Trees are to have tea parties under.
Trees are for kites to get caught in.
Trees are to make cool shade in summer.
Trees are to make no shade in winter.
Trees are for apples to grow on, and pears;
Trees are to chop down and call, “TIMBER-R-R!”
Trees make mothers say,
“What a lovely picture to paint!”
Trees make fathers say,
“What a lot of leaves to rake this fall !”
(Page 83)
Word-Notes : Chop-cut, काटना। Timber—wood, लकड़ी। To rake-gather with a rake, हेंगी से इकट्ठा करना। Fall-autumn, पतझड़।

हिन्दी अनुवाद : वृक्ष हैं ताकि उनके नीचे चाय पार्टी हो। वृक्ष हैं ताकि पतंगें उनमें फँस सकें। वृक्ष हैं गर्मी में ठंडी छाया देने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं सर्दी में छाया न बनने देने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं सेब और अंजीर (नाशपाती) उगाने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं सेब और अंजीर (नाशपाती) उगाने के लिए। वृक्ष हैं काटे जाने के लिए और “लकड़ी। … ड़ी… ड़ी” कहने के लिए।
वृक्ष देखकर मातायें कहती हैं “पेंटिंग करने के लिए क्या सुन्दर दृश्य है !” वृक्षों के कारण पिता कहते हैं, “इस पतझड़ कितनी पत्तियाँ इकट्ठी करनी होंगी !”

Paraphrase : Trees prove good canopies when tea-parties are organised. They also participate when kite flying is in swing. They catch the kites. Trees provide us cool shade in summers while there are some different types of trees which give us no shade. Some trees provide fruit like apples and pears. When chopped they do shout “Timber’.
The mothers are so attracted by them that they can’t help painting a lovely scene and when the ground is covered with fallen leaves, the father remarks that he has to gather all the leaves with a rake.


  1.  Mention two ways in which trees seem troublesome.
  2.  How can the trees be useful in summer and winter ?
  3.  How can trees be useful even after they are cutdown ?
  4.  Mention two ways in which the trees are entertaining.


  1.  Kites get caught in the trees. In the autumn season the leaves of the trees full and they are to be cleaned.
  2.  In the summer season, the trees give us cool shade. In winter, their wood is
    used as fire to keep us warm.
  3.  The trees are cut for the sake of timber. The timber is used in the buildings for making windows and doors.
  4.  The trees entertain us when we hold tea-parties under them. It is also equally entertaining to paint the trees on the canvas.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem Chapter 5 Trees, Study Learner


Working with the Poem

Question 1.
What are the games or human activities which use trees, or in which trees also “participate” ?
Trees are used in games like ‘swinging’ and ‘hide and seek’. They are used in many human activities. Some of them are making houses, getting shade or fire. We get our fruit and timber from the trees. The painters like to draw and paint a scenery of trees.

Question 2.
(i) “Trees are to make no shade in winter.” What does this mean ? (Contrast this line with the line immediately before it.)
(ii) “Trees are for apples to grow on, or pears.” Do you agree that one purpose of a tree is to have fruit on it ? Or do you think this line is humorous ?
(i) It means that there are also those trees that give no shade and so it’s a pleasure to be with them during winter.
(ii) Yes. It is indeed true that one important purpose of a tree is to have fruit on
it. Thus this line is not humorous.

Question 3.
With the help of your partner, try to rewrite some lines in the poem, or add new ones of your own as in the following examples.
Trees are for birds to build nests in.
Trees are for people to sit under.
Now try to compose a similar poem about water, or air.
Please try yourself.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem 5 Trees, Study Learner

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